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Within those 28 stellar soundbanks and the 2150 included presets you could find a huge variety of sound types like Atmospheres, Ambient Pads, Rhythmic Pads, Lofi Keys and Experimental Synths, Majestic Keys, Synth String Ensembles or Ambient SFX. Also, there are classic synths, cinematic plucks, dark keys, cold atmospheric synthesizers, heavy weighted polysynths, epic cinematic sounds, emotional patches, contemporary sci-fi pads, bright sounding synthesizers and saturated presets.

The sounds fit to a variety of music genres like cinematic, film underscores, sci-fi themed music, electronic, progressive rock and metal, ambient, dark electronica, vintage electronic and many others.

Pigments (x64) or newer edition needed to run all soundbanks correctly
Analog Lab V edition: Soundbank needs at least version Analog Lab V (x64) or newer

Pigments 4 ® and Analog Lab V ® are registered trademarks of ARTURIA SA

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Absolute no-brainer. For $19.99 you get 2150 Pigments and Analog Lab V patches.

Solar System Description

Solar System Bundle is a full suite of 1330 sci-fi and cinematic synth presets for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V synthesizers. It contains all 18 “Solar System” soundbanks.

  1. The Vacuum
  2. Outer Boundary
  3. Neptune
  4. Sun
  5. Uranus
  6. Moon Titan
  7. Rings Of Saturn
  8. Saturn
  9. Jupiter
  10. Ganymede
  11. Mars
  12. Phobos
  13. Earth
  14. Earth II
  15. Moon
  16. Venus
  17. Mercury
  18. Floating

The Vaccum

Solar System – The Vacuum consists of 72 custom samples based patches with dark and cinematic character mainly. 12 different Soundsources are the base for the design of those sounds which could be described mainly like pads but could also play the role of polysynth in terms of performance. The are also some lofi keys included.

The soundbank is mainly focused on cinematic, game audio and progressive rock styles and carry a sci-fi temper derived by the theme of this collection. Atmospheres, Ambient Pads, Rhythmic Pads, Lofi Keys and Experimental Synths are creating a nice pack of playable tonal sound textures. Maybe a patch or two have more atonal character within this Pigments expanse.

Outer Boundary

Outer Boundary is consisting of 72 patches with vivid sci-fi cinematic character. Here you can find different types of synths like pads, experimental plucky keys, exploratory polysynths and ambient sound effects.

All of them have been designed upon custom samples which come with this pack. It contains 12 different Soundsources and for each one 6 presets have been designed with different characteristics. The sounds could find their place in various genres like cinematic and game audio music, electronic, experimental, new age and progressive rock/ metal styles.


Solar System – Neptune is the third soundbank of Solar System series for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V synths. It contains 72 cinematic patches that also fit to genres like electronic, new age, game audio, progressive rock and avant-garde styles.

There are 6 parts of 12 synth presets each one inspired by the characteristics of this giant planet of our Solar System. Here you could find 24 experimental synths, 12 dark synths, 12 classic synths, 12 cold synths and 12 plucky keys. Saturation is a crucial element for many patches.


Solar System Sun soundbank continues our Solar System series for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V synthesizers. This one contains 72 heavy weighted poly synths with analog character. The result of the presets derives from the goal to give a sonic dimension to the gravity forces in our Solar System’s star.

It is like all the sounds are swallowing whatever float within their sonic radius and then landed down on the hot surface.

They fit for a variety of genres while epic cinematic compositions is maybe the strongest point of them. Generally, the sounds could be used for cinematic and sci-fi themed underscores, techno, electronic –

especially with dark production character.


Solar System: Uranus soundbank for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V synthesizers continues our Solar System series. This time we explore the 7th planet of our system – an ice giant which took his name after the Greek God of the skies.

In this preset pack there are 72 emotional cinematic patches that fit for sci-fi underscores, dark electronica, game audio, new age and other experimental forms of music.

There are 2 main categories of synths – 36 evolving synth keys – pads under Orbit 82 name and 36 dark synth keys under 27 Moons name.

Moon Titan

Solar System: Moon Titan soundbank for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V synthesizers continues our Solar System series. This time we explore the largest moon of Saturn.

In this preset pack there are 72 long synths inspired by contemporary soundtracks for sci-fi films.

There are 2 main categories of synths – 36 moving synths – pads under Rotating Atmo name and 36 sci-fi pads under Titan Pad name. For the first 36 patches there is a parallel rotation to the stereo image of the synth sounds.

Rings Of Saturn

Solar System: Rings Of Saturn continues our Solar System Series for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V. This time there are 72 synth keys with icy atmosphere due to the brightness of the sounds. This sonic journey through the rings of Saturn contains a variety of sound characteristics from synth flutes, synth accordions to synth bells and synth pipes among other stuff.

It fits for experimental music, cinematic music, rock especially in its progressive forms and other genres to add some sparkling color or bright calmness to the sound.


Solar System: Saturn contains 72 presets for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V synths. There are 3 subgroups of patches:

  • Cronian Surface with 24 sci-fi pads
  • Gas Giant with 24 synth keys
  • Hexagon with 24 rhythmic synths

The sounds fit to cinematic – especially sci-fi themed soundtracks, electronic, game audio and other music genres.

In most of the presets, noise playing an important role trying to capture the otherworldly characteristics of this Gas Giant.


Solar System: Jupiter contains 72 dark / saturated synths with sci-fi character for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V. In this soundbank we explore the biggest planet of our Solar System.

The gloomy and suspenseful sound colors are the main characteristics for those patches as well the use of distortion and compressor for most of them.

They fit for a lot of music genres from cinematic to ambient electronic and from Sci-fi themed scores to more experimental forms of music.


Solar System: Ganymede is a cinematic soundbank of 72 presets for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V synths. With this soundbank we continue the Solar System series exploring one of Jupiter’s moons.

The pack has cinematic character and you can find different types of synths like orbital pads, experimental synth keys, interstellar ambient pads and gloomy sounding long synths.

One exciting feature of the pack is the 12 “orbital pads” section where the sound orbits within the stereo field like a moon orbits its planet.

It fits mainly for cinematic and soundtrack music productions although it could easily find its way to some ambient, electronica, progressive rock and dark techno genres.


Solar System: Mars contains 72 cinematic synths inspired by the Red Planet for Arturia Pigments and Arturia Analog Lab V synthesizers vst. The sonic texture within the soundbank is mainly dark and out of this world – like a sound journey in the space.

There are 12 subgroups of presets – each one consisting of 6 synth patches:

  • 687 Days
  • Martian dust devils
  • Martian Fields
  • Martian Fire
  • Martian Heights
  • Martian Shadows
  • Olympus Mons
  • Red Skies
  • Solar Wind Hits
  • The Martian
  • Two Moons
  • View Of Phobos

Here you can find many different types of synths like Experimental Synths, Cold Synths, Dark Synths, Classic Synths, Dirty Organs, Analog Synths, Evolving Pads, Rhythmic Keys, Sci-Fi Pads and Vintage Lead presets.

The sounds are mainly suited best for cinematic and film music underscores and could add many sonic aspects within your compositions – melodic parts, soft icy keys, short atmospheric synths, distorted sounds and rising dark atmospheres among other. They could also find their way to some experimental dark compositions or ambient style music expression as well as some progressive metal songs for adding some dark touches.


Phobos continues our Solar System soundbank series for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V. This time all presets are sample based and the pack is inspired by one of the two Mars’ moons Phobos. In Greek Phobos mean fear, so the soundbank is pretty much dark with intensity and gloomy vibes. Also, I could say that they serve as lo-fi sounds for some relative music genres.

The synth presets here are cinematic but in a unique way as written before – as the lo-fi dimension adds some retro layers to the sounds.

Please note that due to the nature of using samples in some of the presets the speed of the sample playback both for simple or loop mode varies according to the keyboard notes – lower octaves notes mean lower speed and high octave notes add more acceleration. A nice example of this is the preset Walking On Phobos 01.

Generally, the soundbank could fit to cinematic, vintage videogames music compositions (listen to the Shadow Of The Beast 2 great soundtrack inspired Fear 01 preset), retro styles of music production and ambient genres.


Solar System: Earth continues our Solar System soundbanks series for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V. In this one the 72 included synth patches are keys with sonic quality sitting between organic synths and electric pianos. There are dark keys, bright keys, heavy modulated keys, soft keys, hard keys and everything in between.

This time we travel in a cinematic sonic world of our home, Earth.

The presets are divided in 12 subgroups of 6:

  • Deep Blue
  • The Forests
  • The Deserts
  • The Cities
  • The Oceans
  • The Lakes
  • The Mountains
  • The Rivers
  • Waters
  • Winds
  • Rain
  • Moon View

Once again, this one is fitting for cinematic and melodic electronic music as well as some other genres due to its versatility in sound colors. All of them uses 6 voice polyphony.

Earth II

Solar System: Earth II continues our Solar System soundbanks series for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V. In this one can find 72 deep cinematic long synths.

The presets are divided in 5 subgroups:

  • Pacific – 16 Presets
  • Atlantic – 14 Presets
  • Southern – 14 Presets
  • Arctic – 14 Presets
  • Indian – 14 Presets

Once again, this one is fitting for cinematic music, especially for dark dimensionally parts and some gloomy epic scores. Also, could be used for Ambient and Darkwave, Dark Techno and Dark Electronica. All of them uses 6 voice polyphony.


Solar System: Moon soundbank contains 72 synth keys presets for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lav V synthesizers. Continuing our Solar System series now we explore our Moon. The 72 keys here vary in sounding and texture. The presets fit for a variety of music genres like cinematic underscores, cinematic electronic music, lofi productions, game audio and other.

Dark multidimensional sounds, organic textures, bright Hammond like stuff, soft keys, punchy presets, distorted like sounds, dreamy moving synthesizers, futuristic keys and hollow synths are some of the sonic elements that build this soundbank.


Solar System: Venus contains 72 Atmospheric and out of this world pads for Arturia Pigments Presets and Analog Lab V Presets. All presets are actually having heavy cinematic character and the purpose of this soundbank is the creation of some playable textured atmospheres that fit whenever some cinematic elements are needed to add some new dimensions to a music score.

There are 12 subcategories of preset names, each one inspired by our close planet Venus:

  • Hot Sun
  • Long Days
  • Volcanic
  • Deformed Mountains
  • Deep Canyon
  • Hot Surface
  • Extreme Atmo
  • Rocky Planet
  • Near To the Sun
  • Neighborhood
  • Venusian Air
  • Greenhouse Effect

Each of those have 6 presets.


Solar System: Mercury continues our Solar System soundbank series and contains 72 cinematic Arturia Pigments presets. It is also available for Analog Lab V users.

This time we explore sonically the smallest of the Solar System planet and the nearest to the Sun, Mercury.

There are 12 subgroups of 6 presets with the following names:

  • 88 Days
  • Close To Sun
  • Mercury Craters
  • Thin Exosphere
  • Hot Day Cold Night
  • Fastest Planet
  • Metallic Core
  • Aphelion
  • Smallest Planet
  • Caloris Basin
  • Picasso Crater
  • Tolstoj Basin

In the 72 included presets the main characteristics are the sci-fi flavored cinematic style, the saturated sonic elements (Deriving from the tape echo delay most of the times) and the use of the incredible Analog engine of the Pigments synth.


Solar System: Floating contains 106 sci-fi themed cinematic atmospheres for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V. The main characteristic of the soundbank is the slow rising sounds, the heavy cinematic vibes and the riveting atmospheres.

Here you can find synthetic sci-fi orchestras and choirs, slow risers, bright sound effects, heavy majestic sounds, pitch rising based presets, sci-fi epic alarms and other cinematic sonic elements. Most of the presets are tonally playable.

Fits for cinematic and sci-fi themed music tracks, experimenting electronic music, game audio, ambient and other music genres when adding some cinematic flavor is the desirable goal.

Biome Description

Soundbanks included in Biome Bundle



Tundra is a 100 presets soundbank for Pigments 3. It contains basses, pads, leads, keys and synths with a cold atmosphere from the depths of Tundras. Many experimental sounds here like most of our soundbanks that are fitting for many genres from electronic and cinematic to rock and experimental. Many modulation options are included to add new dimensions for a richer sound.


Steppe is a 80 presets soundbank for Pigments. It contains synths, keys, leads and pads that fit for cinematic music, electronic, experimental and prog rock. It is a nice journey through the grasslands of the vast steppes by the view of Vicious Antelope.


Savanna is the third soundbank of “Biome” series for Pigments 3. It contains 80 presets like huge pads, classic polysynths, epic leads and other with cinematic flavor, trying to capture the Savanna biome and transform it to sound. It fits for styles like cinematic, prog and post rock, electronic music and other. There are many modulation options and for all presets MW, AT and the 4 Macros are assigned to a variety of parameters to give new dimensions to your sound.


Mediterranean is our 4th sounbank of Biome series presets for Pigments 3. It contains 80 unique synths and leads for your productions.

A huge variety of soundcolors for cinematic and electronic music.

With this library you could explore the Mediterranean ecosystem in a sound dimension. Each preset is inspired by the flora and fauna and the characteristics of this climate zone.


Arctic is the 5th soundbank for Pigments presets series “Biome”. As all previous “Biome” soundbanks there are 80 experimental approached designed sounds like polysynths, keys, pads and leads.

Perfect for cinematic music and electronic genres.

Explore the sound dimension of the Earth’s poles with the extreme conditions, the cold as ice atmos and the unearthly soundscapes of those beautiful regions.


Mountains is the 6th Pigments soundbank in our Biome series. It contains 80 experimental synth presets inspired by the scapes, fauna and flora of the Mountains Biome.

Those Pigments presets could fit for genres like electronic music, progressive rock, post rock to cinematic and more experimental styles.

A sonic exploration of the heights of this world, the huge canyons and the cold lakes and rivers. It also contains 10 “Analog Mountain” presets for fat analog sounds.


Ocean continues the Biome series for Pigments. The 7th soundbank for this series is containing 80 new presets pads, synths, keys leads and basses including. Most of them were designed with the powerful wavetable engine of Arturia Pigments sometimes using only one engine sometimes stacked both engines with some fine-tuning difference to result to a fuller and more dimensional sound.

Ocean is a sound story of the depths of our planet’s seas, a journey through very special pelagic places and to some of the most known animal and plants that it hides. It is a perfect fit for cinematic and game audio music as well as for electronic and rock genres.


Tropical for Pigments 3 contains 80 presets mainly designed with the wavetable engine. It is a sonic journey through the tropic zones of Earth and each preset is inspired by the characteristics of this Biome. It mainly contains vintage leads, soft leads and plucky keys and it is suitable for electronic, cinematic, ambient and experimental music.

Some very interest section sets like the 20 “In the rainforest” (Vintage Leads) presets, the 20 “Equator” (Soft Leads) presets and the 14 “Palm” (Plucky Keys) presets are included in this pretty much classic and classy sounding library.


Grasslands for Pigments 3 is an 80 patches library part of Biome series. Within this soundbank we explore the massive grasslands of our planet, the fauna and flora and the special characteristics of this biome.

Mainly it contains modern plucky keys for electronic music productions and there is a part of 13 presets under the name Harmonic Valley that were designed with the powerful harmonic engine of Pigments. The sounds and especially the plucks rely a lot on the effect chain using very often some predelay on the reverb and also the infamous multiband compressor to give a modern touch.

Beside EDM, Trance, House and Techno this library could also be used for more cinematic and experimental styles. Some plucks shine being used as biting rhythmic bass lines in contrary with the harmonic engine’s patches which touch the brighter side of the frequency map.


Desert for Pigments 3 is the 10th and last pack of our Biome series for this incredible synth by Arturia.

It contains 80 atmospheric sounds including 70 evolving synths and pads as well as 10 experimental percussions.

It is a very emotional soundbank that could be divided in 4 categories. The 10 “Dry Scapes” presets are the percussion part of it. “Desert Sunrise” is a 20 patches part with medium attack speed so they could be played as Pads and Keys. The 22 “Dunes” are more like dark atmo classic synths and also can be played as Pads. Finally, the 28 “Oasis” sounds are slow evolving pads with plenty of movement and sometimes airy character.



  • 2150 Pigments and Analog Lab V Presets

  • Software Requirements:

    Arturia Pigments 4

    Analog Lab V.

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