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746 Cherry Audio GX-80 Presets.

Planet Pads & Oceans bundle contains 12 soundbanks for Cherry Audio GX-80 synth plugin. It consists of our 8 Planet Pads packs and the 4 Oceans ones, for a total of 746 patches.

Here you can find evolving pads, rhythmic pattern based long synths, Leslie like vintage synth organs and emotional pads, nostalgic synths, 80’s-oriented patches, bright long synths and string synths, bells and organic textures. Some of the inspiration fountains of this bundle are Vangelis, Enigma, Kitaro, Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream and others.

Synthwave, cinematic music, vintage electronic styles, retro futuristic cinematic dimensions and new age are some of the genres that this bundle covers in sound terms.

Presets were designed with GX-80 1.0.13 (Build 153) and run best with this or newer edition

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Absolute no-brainer. For $14.95 you get

746 Cherry Audio GX-80 Presets.


This GX-80 bundle contains the following libraries:
• Earth Pads
• Mars Pads
• Jupiter Pads
• Neptune Pads
• Saturn Pads
• Uranus Pads
• Venus Pads
• Mercury Pads
• Red Oceans
• Grey Oceans
• Green Oceans
• Blue Oceans

Earth Pads

Earth Pads is a collection of 100 classic synth pads for Cherry Audio GX-80 synthesizer. They are suitable for cyberpunk, dark wave, sci-fi themed cinematic music, retrofuturistic productions, Synthwave, new age and electronic music genres.

Here you can find evolving pads, rhythmic pattern based long synths, Leslie like vintage synth organs and emotional pads.

Mars Pads

Mars Pads contains 100 synth pads for Cherry Audio GX-80 synthesizer. In this soundbank the patches are exploring the bright side of the synth. The key to that is usually the filter cutoff modulation. Also in some of them the resonance is pretty much obvious adding an eerie sonic dimension – floating over Mars red fields.

The presets in their majority could also be used as classic polysynths in terms of performance as most of them do not have long attack time.

They fit mainly for new age and cinematic music especially where retrofuturism and sci-fi like themes are the wanted result. Also, could find their way in some progressive rock and early electronic music productions.

In some presets you may listen to some clicks coming from the LFO (SubOscillator). While it preserves the original aspects of the synth that is emulated if you need to eliminate it, one good solution is to change the SubOscillator Function to Triangle.

Jupiter Pads

Jupiter Pads is a collection of 100 emotional pads with heavy 80’s character and sonic texture for Cherry Audio GX-80 Vsti. Here you can listen to some influences from Vangelis, Enigma, Kitaro and other great musicians.

The soundset’s presets fit perfectly for new age music, ambient, Synthwave, vaporwave and other emotional retro music styles.

Neptune Pads

Neptune Pads contains 31 emotional moving pads for Cherry Audio GX-80 synth plugin. This is the 8th and last part of our “Planets Pads” series for this great Yamaha CS-80 emulation.

The synth pads here have many sonic dimensions and exploit the great features of GX-80 in terms of sound designing and modulating some aspects of the synthesizer to achieve some unique vintage long synths.

They mainly fit for synthwave, vaporwave as well as electronic, cinematic, ambient, progressive rock and other music genres productions.

Saturn Pads

Saturn Pads contains 85 pads for Cherry Audio GX-80. All of the presets are designed to emphasize the distinct sonic aspects of the emulated synth. So, I believe that this soundbank is like a preset collection of sci-fi movies music composition sounds of the 80’s.

Many of them have a fast attack – at least at one of the two oscillators that add a nice soft mostly pluck sound while in the background the other oscillator plays the role of the pad. Most of the synth patches included shine best at mid and high regions of the frequency map. Also, in some of them we have a nice tremolo like effect other times constant other times evolving. Beside them, we have some nice classic rhythmic pads or some presets that sound like they are played to a 1982 cassette player with almost dead battery.

The last six presets are very experimental and I could easily say that they are mainly could be used for a kind of sound effect. Also please check the Saturn Pad 77 preset – its sound is exhaling 101% sonic dimensions from the eighties decade and it could also be used as a classic poly synth in terms of performance.

The sci-fi film music sound of the 80s is the main if not the only inspiration fountain of this GX-80 soundset. And of course, who else, Vangelis. You know my love for this great composer.

For most of them Reverb is pretty much obvious – so if you need a drier version of the sound, please disable it or reduce the dry/mix slider of the reverb device. The same goes for delay – please note that with a very few exceptions I didn’t use the sync button on delay – so this maybe is something to consider if you need to set the sound tails of delay to a steady speed according to your track’s tempo.

Uranus Pads

Uranus Pads contains 60 moving and rhythmic pads for Cherry Audio GX-80 synth plugin. Most of the times the rhythm pattern is locked on the tempo of the song project but there are also some more abstract and arbitrary patterns deriving from the combination of Ring Modulation and LFO modulation on some aspect of the sound.

As expected, the synth presets are sounding vintage carrying this distinctive identity of the emulated synth. They fit to synthwave, vaporwave, darkwave, retro electronic music (and why not to some contemporary stuff), 80’s film music underscores and ambient music.

The sounds have a nice variety of sonic elements that help to add some rhythmic layers to your music productions either you need them to be dark or bright or somewhere in between. In this soundbank the delay and reverb devices that come with the synth are being used very often to add some nice tails and space in the sounding result.

Venus Pads

Venus Pads free soundbank contains 20 atmospheric and vintage sounds for Cherry Audio GX-80 synth. Its sounds fit to cinematic, new age and vintage electronic genres as well as more experimental forms of music styles.

The main ingredient in this pack for GX-80 is to capture the distinctive sonic identity of the great and legendary synth that being emulated. Personally, I deeply connect this synth with Vangelis so I think that here you could find some elements that remind of his compositions sounds.

Mercury Pads​​​​​​​

Mercury Pads contains 60 synth pad presets for Cherry Audio GX-80 synthesizer. The patches are inspired by artists like Vangelis, Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream and Kitaro. All of them are capturing the notable characteristics of the emulated synthesizer.

They fit for genres like early electronic, cinematic, retrofuturistic, progressive rock, dark electronica and avant garde!

Red Oceans

Red Oceans soundbank contains 50 nostalgic and 80’s-oriented patches for Cherry Audio GX-80 synthesizer. All 50 presets lie beneath the polysynth label and they are heavily inspired by the texture and character of some of the most usual sounds of that era.

Cinematic music, vintage electronic styles, retro futuristic cinematic dimensions and Synthwave are some of the genres where this soundset shines. It includes some classic synths, some pluckier sounds and a couple of longer sounding presets in terms of performance.

Grey Oceans

Grey Oceans soundbank contains 50 experimental weird presets for Cherry Audio GX-80 synthesizer.

The sounds vary from plucky cheap sounds to 80’s-based synths which reminds of being play backed through a classic Walkman of this era.

For most of the presets Dual Layer Mode is being use meaning that the cpu handling is pretty much high.

Please note that this soundbank is very weird and mostly it fits for lofi and various vintage music productions with plenty of experimentation.

Green Oceans

Green Oceans soundbank contains 30 Synthwave leads for Cherry Audio GX-80 synthesizer. They are inspired by the OST of some of my favorite video games of the 80’s like Shadow Of The Beast 2 and Turrican 2,

All presets are monophonic using a nice detuned unison for fuller sound and they fit for Synthwave, vaporwave, retrowave and generally 80’s music.

Blue Oceans

Blue Oceans is our last “Oceans” preset pack for Cherry Audio GX-80. Here there are 60 pads (synth strings, bells and organs) for synthwave music as well as some 90s ambient. In a lot of sounds you could feel some Enigma touches.

Generally, nostalgia is the main sonic element and all sounds are exploiting the distinct characteristics of the emulated CS-80 synth.



  • 746 Cherry Audio GX-80 Presets.

  • Presets were designed with GX-80 1.0.13 (Build 153) and run best with this or newer edition.

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