Analog Lab V

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Inspired by Travis Scott, 6LACK, Don Toliver, Jhene Aiko.

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300 Presets for Pigments and Analog Lab V



Nectar is a collection of sounds for Arturia Pigments/Analog Lab that boasts some of our best sound design to date. With 60 presets ranging from wavy keys to smooth pads, funky leads so psychedlic soundscapes, this bank is a must have for every producer.

The sounds are geared towards contemporary hip hop and R&B genres and were inspired by popular artists such as 6LACK, Jhene Aiko, Travis Scott, Don Toliver and more, but don’t let that make you think they’re limited to those genres, because they have potential in any style!

The kits was were made for Arturia Pigments but is provided in both Pigments format (.pgtx) and Analog Lab format (.labx) so you can use it if you own either!

All sounds were created from scratch, any one shots created for the kit are also included for you to use, alongside 6 demo melodies!

Full Breakdown

  • 5 Basses
  • 3 Winds
  • 25 Keys
  • 4 Leads
  • 12 Pads
  • 4 Drones
  • 4 Arps
  • 3 Arp Soundscapes
  • 72 One Shots
  • 7 Wavetables
  • 6 Melody Samples

“SOLAR” brings you 60 original presets for Arturia Pigments/Analog Lab V. Each sound has been meticulously handcrafted and is perfect for contemporary hip hop and R\&B genres.

This soundbank can be used if you either own Pigments or Analog Lab, you don’t need both and the appropriate files have been included for each plugin.

Full Breakdown
• 14 Pads
• 12 Keys
• 7 Arps
• 6 Soundscapes
• 5 Bells
• 4 Mallets
• 4 Drones/FX
• 3 Bass
• 2 Flutes
• 1 Guitar
• 1 Lead
• 1 Brass

Distant Worlds is a sound bank made for Arturia’s Pigments. Included are 64 atmospheric and spacey presets that will take your music to new dimensions, and your listeners to new worlds.

Whether your making atmospheric trap, wavy R&B or even cinematic soundtracks, this pack contains the sonic palletes to get you there in no time, from watery keys to lofi pads to tribalistic drums.

The sound design was inspired by the works of contemporary R\&B and trap artists like 6LACK, Travis Scott and more, as well as the soundtracks of scifi and horror cinema.

This pack is perfect for sample makers, composers and producers looking for that psychedlic, cinematic sound!

The bank is provided for Arturia Pigments and as an Analog Lab bank, so you can use it if you own either!

Also included are any wav oneshots designed for the kit, so you can use them in other plugins etc.

Full Breakdown

  • 18 Keys
  • 14 Pads
  • 7 Basses
  • 5 Arps
  • 4 Drums
  • 4 Soundscapes
  • 3 Bells
  • 3 Leads
  • 2 Drones
  • 2 Winds
  • 1 Brass
  • 1 Mallet
  • 48 Melodic Oneshots
  • 12 Clap Oneshots
  • 7 Melody Samples

TRIPTOPIA is our craziest kit to date. A collection of wavy, psychedelic and atmospheric sounds for Arturia Pigments that will transport your melodies to new dimensions and elevate your music. With spacey keys, ambient pads, arps, winds and much more, this pack contains everything you need to bring your listeners into your world of music. Inspired by the sounds of artists like Travis Scott, 6LACK, Don Toliver and Jhene Aiko, it’s the perfect addition to any trap or R&B producers collection, but every preset has a ton of potential in many genres.

Also included are the melodies used in the demos, as well as a bonus drum kit, and all the wav oneshots created for the kit for you to use in any plugin or as they come.

This bank is provided as a Pigments bank (.pgtx) but also as an Analog Lab bank (.labx) so you can use it even if you own Analog Lab but not Pigments. (and of course you can use it if you just own Pigments!)

Full Breakdown

  • 5 Basses
  • 1 Brass
  • 4 Flutes
  • 6 Bells
  • 3 Mallets
  • 11 Keys
  • 3 Leads
  • 8 Pads
  • 2 Drones
  • 5 Soundscapes
  • 7 Arps
  • 5 Strings
  • 82 Melodic One Shots
  • 4 Wavetables
  • Bonus Drum Kit with 45 drum one shots and loops
  • 3 Melody Samples

DELUSIONS brings you 60 presets for the Arturia Pigments VST. A collection of wavy, atmospheric sounds, this kit is perfect for the contemporary producer, providing you with the perfect sonic pallet for modern hiphop and R&B. 

Also included are any oneshots created for the kit (many of which are multisampled) so you can use them in any sampler of your choosing.

This bank is included in Pigments format (.pgtx) and Analog Lab format (.labx) so you can use it if you own EITHER ONE!

Full Breakdown

  • 4 Bass
  • 1 Wind
  • 1 Drum Sequence
  • 5 Bells
  • 2 Mallets
  • 17 Keys
  • 6 Leads
  • 14 Pads
  • 6 Soundscapes
  • 3 Arps
  • 1 String
  • 55 Wav Oneshots

Soundbanks for the Arturia Plugin Pigments.

Please note that while Pigments is not included in Analog Lab, Pigments presets can still be used if included in an Analog Lab bank. Therefore, we have included Analog Lab format banks with all our Pigments banks so you can use them if you only own Analog Lab and not Pigments.


  • 300 Presets for Pigments
  • 300 Presets Analog Lab V
  • Instant Download

Software Requirements:
Arturia Pigments 4
Analog Lab V