1077 Omnisphere 2 presets.

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Multidimensional Scoring – Omnisphere 2 Bundle by VICIOUS ANTELOPE


Multidimensional Scoring contains 18 Vicious Antelope soundbanks for Omnisphere 2 for a total of 1077 Cinematic Synth Patches within a variety of synth types.


Software Requirements:
Omnisphere 2

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Multidimensional Scoring – Omnisphere 2 Patches

Multidimensional Scoring contains 18 Vicious Antelope soundbanks for Omnisphere 2 for a total of 1077 Cinematic Synth Patches within a variety of synth types. Dreaming long pads, melodic passages, hybrid percussive elements, fast hybrid stringlike sounds, atmospheric glassy synths, deep drones, dark strings, medieval instruments, dark atmospheres and tonal percussions, film scoring plucks and textural, harsh synths are some of the included synths is this cinematic based package.

Beside Cinematic or Game Audio music this bundle fits to numerous different genres like electronic, dungeon synth, new age, progressive rock and metal, experimental and other styles of music expression.

Patches run best with this or newer edition of Omnisphere 2
• Software 2.8.5f
• Soundsources v2.6.1c
• Patches v2.8.1c

Included Libraries:

1. Hybrid Symphonic
2. Droneca Vol.0
3. Scoring Synths Vol.1
4. Glass Synths
5. Droneca Vol.1
6. Medieval
7. Cinesphere I
8. Softness
9. Guitar Dreams
10. Cinesphere II
11. Aged String Machines
12. One Sample Thirty Patches Vol.1
13. 70’S Hammonds
14. One Sample Thirty Patches Vol.2
15. Scoring Synths Vol.2
16. Hybrid Symphonic 2
17. Prometheus
18. Argo


Hybrid Symphonic

Hybrid Symphonic library for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 contains 100 orchestral based patches. A vast variety of cinematic sounds are creating a multidimensional sonic palette for your productions.

Dreaming long pads, melodic passages, hybrid percussive elements, fast hybrid stringlike sounds, fairytale bells and epic basses are some of the defining features of this soundbank. Although it is not supposed to replace an orchestra it holds a bunch of sonic colors taken by some orchestral soundsources of Omnisphere married with a variety of stuff like classic synth OSCs, guitars, world instruments and other.
It is a great tool for mainly for your cinematic productions or various types of experimental electronic genres.

Droneca Vol.0
Droneca Vol.0 for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 is starting our new soundbank series for this powerful software synth. It contains 25 cinematic synth drones with dark atmosphere and evolving tension.
Works great for almost any music genre if one of the goals is to create a gloomy ambience to support the music.
All 25 presets shine more at lower registers of the keyboard.

Scoring Synths Vol.1

Scoring Synths Vol.1 for Spectrasonics Omnisphere contains 140 cinematic focused presets with heavy vintage soundcolor character. The sounds are based both on Omnisphere’s Oscillators and Samples.

There is a variety of synth categories that makes the Scoring Synths Vol.1 a pretty much multidimensional suite for your cinematic (and electronic) productions.

Dark synths, emotional pads, gloomy soundscapes, majestic basses, nostalgic trons and sad leads are some of the elements that build this soundbank.

The sounds are categorized as:
Arps – 50 presets
Retro Land – 1 preset
String Machines – 10 presets
Synth Bass – 15 presets
Synth Long – 13 presets
Synth Mono – 16 presets
Synth Poly – 23 presets
Textures – 4 presets
Transition effects – 3 presets
Trons – 5 presets

Glass Synths

Glass Synths for Spectrasonics Omnisphere contains 30 atmospheric glassy synths.
The presets are focused on creating airy and ethereal timbres.

Droneca Vol.1

Droneca Vol.1 for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 is continuing our new cinematic series for this powerful software synth. It contains 30 cinematic low synth drones with dark atmosphere and evolving tension.

Works great for almost any music genre, especially for cinematic and electronic, if one of the goals is to create a gloomy and dark emotion ambience to support the music.
All 30 presets shine more at lower registers of the keyboard.


Medieval for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 is a soundbank inspired by the tales and myths of the medieval ages. It contains 45 presets for cinematic, game audio and dungeon synth music genres.

Dark strings, medieval instruments, dark atmospheres and tonal percussions are included in this really gloomy Omnisphere soundbank.

Cinesphere I

Cinesphere I for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 brings in our new soundbanks series focused on cinematic soundtrack music and game audio.

It is a 50 polysynths soundbank with a variety of character from textural and harsh synths to dark ambient presets and weird atmospheric plucks to vintage sounding patches. Those presets are heavily inspired by one of my favorite composers Vangelis. They encompass retrofuturistic and sci-fi vibes full of nostalgic sonic dimensions.

For most of them the saturation plays a very important role to the sound making it more vintage and rusty and helping to add some spicy colors. Sometimes you may need to clear the sound from saturation or make it less obvious. A nice way besides to turn of the saturation source (that could be vary from amp to distortion fx rack or even the FM or RM of the OSC) is to add some BP, HP or LP filters at will. Most presets keep a high value frequency range of saturation / distortion and with use of the filters this could be decreased according to the project needs.

They could be used as classic polysynths in terms of performance but they could also cover some other sound types like pads or as lead synths.


Softness soundbank for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 is a small pack of 20 soft atmospheric pads created exclusively with Sine waves on their base. All those presets have a soft silky texture.

Using a reverb is very crucial to that type of sounds as it adds more atmosphere and the needed space to make them shine. As the presets are created with Sines there is no so much harmonics here and that’s one of the main reasons for that soft timbral identity.

The reverb for all patches is in the Aux section of the effect rack. A nice way to give the sounds more life and dimension is to add a shimmer reverb on it. This will give some more high frequency content in a very musical, interesting and fairytale way. It is advised to turn the Omnisphere’s reverb off lowering the Aux Send slider on the common effects section in such situation.

Guitar Dreams

Guitar Dreams soundbank for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 contains 20 acoustic guitar-based patches. Evolving pads, sentimental keys and granular explorations are some of the defined features of the sounds.

The soundbank has a cinematic character and it is suitable also for post rock and ballad tracks where the guitarlike atmosphere is playing an important role in the production.

The reverb is in the aux channel of the effect rack filtered out of some and lows and highs. If you wish to add a different type of reverb outside the Omnisphere 2 synth then it is advisable (but not mandatory as in music everything is a matter of taste and the unlimited creation possibilities) to turn the aux send slider off in the effect section.

Cinesphere II

Cinesphere II for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 is the second part of our CineSphere series focused on cinematic soundtrack music and game audio.

It contains 50 short synth / pluck presets heavily inspired by Gojira’s track Another World. Main purpose of those presets is to add some edged fast attack sounds that easily cut the mix while being used in a melodic, or arping maybe, way. They encompass 80’s like synths sound character most of the time inside a big amount of space while creating nice tails with the help of delay.

They are pretty much atmospheric and dark, most of the times with a dirty saturated/ distorted identity and they could be used both for melodic or rhythmic / harmonic performance within your productions. Beside cinematic style this soundbank could be a nice addition for electronic music especially techno genre with dark atmosphere. As the synths are short they work better in conjunction with the delay effect if the played notes are as closer quantized to their place as they could.

Most of presets have an obvious percussive almost attack sound due to the AMP envelope. If you wish to soften the sounds then a good solution is to increase the attack of the AMP envelope (and/or the filter envelope – the filter most of the times is modulated by a similar to AMP env “plucky” envelope.

A nice tip is to automate the Decay of the AMP envelope to add more body or movement to the overall sound.

Aged String Machines

Aged String Machines contains 45 vintage presets for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2. All patches here are based on Omnisphere’s Soundsources at the core of their sound design.

The result encompasses a retro sonic identity derived from past decades. Those presets could find their places in cinematic music productions, retro electronic genres, new age and progressive rock.

New Point is crispy and carries a majestic temper, Calm And Vintage speaks by its own name. Choir Of The Forest is a calming and nostalgic synth choir and Digital Dawn is an emotional atmospheric pad synth. Dream Of Dystopia has a saturated bright tone, while Emotional Strings is a classic long pad.

Moving forward we could listen to the ten Film Noir sounds. Those have a dark vintage character and granular synthesis was widely used for most of those. I could describe them as synth orchestral patches full of sensation and sentiments – with those patches we can add some tension in a retro way, mostly at the mid frequencies.

Flat Dark Choir is a very compressed synth ensemble of voices and Futuristic Glance adds some hollow sonic dimensions. Give me Your Hand sounds very optimistic and Majestic Universe is great for quick synth performances.

In general, the soundbank has a vintage point of view with some sci-fi touches. We can find many types of synth choirs inside beside the more string oriented stuff.

This time I assigned Mod wheel to a tremolo effect device while Aftertouch adds some destructive and disharmonic sonic characteristics using Ring Modulation. You could change the rate of the Tremolo on the effect page of the synth and adjusting the speed on will. The speed is counted in Hz and there is no sync to note values.

In the AUX part of the patches you could find a Frequency Manipulated Spring Reverb running in parallel. I found that Spring Verb worked nice with these types of sounds adding a sparkling texture.

One Sample Thirty Patches Vol.1

One Sample Thirty Patches Vol.1 introduces our first soundbank series for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2. For each of those libraries I use only one custom sample to create new sounds. In this my sample was an open 6th E string from my Les Paul electric guitar which was passed through a vintage guitar AMP.

For all of the presets the tune of the synth is adjusted to minus 4 semitones so the guitar sample matches the keyboard.

The presets include many different types from epic basses to calm keys and from futuristic synths to evolving pads.

An Epic Poem is an epic distorted synth with majestic character and crispy attack. Bell is an experimental poly with a bell ring in the higher frequencies. Calm Desires is an emotional mellow pad with movement and Dark Beast is an analog sounding gloomy patch. Epic Bass could be the brother preset of An Epic Poem with its elevated sonic characteristics. Flews has a plucky attack with some strange things happening on the release stage. Keyboard is a conventional electric piano and Nostalgia brings memories from the past.

Sci-Fi Temper is hollow and spiritual while Tales is dominating the frequency region with its full colored sound. Talking Bass is a moving resonant retro electric piano. The Skies is an experimental atmospheric synth with bright ingredients.

70’S Hammonds

I imagined a version of myself living back in the 70’s listening all the time Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Yes, Who, Emerson Lake and Palmer and suddenly a Hammond came to my hands. I placed it in my garage and start to experimenting and record the sounds with a cheap mic that also captured the space of this garage.

And this is the result. 70’s Hammonds contains 50 Hammond organ synths for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2. Lo-Fi sounds with a generous touch of vintage saturation and much space to hug them. And all of them under the distinctive rich and rusty sound of a Hammond.

In those patches you could find some interesting variations especially for rock and lo-fi genres. They are all organs, based on the various Hammond Soundsources of Omnisphere 2 with the addition of distortion and/or cheap reverbs. Retro sonic results deriving for the progressive rock era is what this soundbank has to do with.

Hammond 01 sounds nostalgic and emotional, Hammond 02 is a bit darker and dirtier, Hammond 03 has more saturation and rust. Hammond 10 has this classic Leslie like movement in the highs and Hammond 11 sounds like merging the 70’s and the 80’s within a Hammond. Hammond 12 is more 60’s focused and Hammond 18 is a plucky low fidelity organ with mid frequency tail.

Hammond 22 has rounder sound and Hammond 23 mostly gives the sense of a church organ. 31st patch is more whimsical and weirder while Hammond 32 encloses a cheesy temper. Hammond 40 is a bit tricky and Hammond 41 is a toy organ. 46th one sounds more like an electric ballad piano and the Hammond 47 is sweet and dreamful.

For all patches the Mod Wheel adds vibrato which is perfectly fitting with the organic sound of the Hammond.

This soundbank has a specific goal deriving from the very characteristics of those instruments with their great history in many music genres, as well as the Lo-Fi character from the various eq, compressors, delays and reverbs that have been used. For most of presets the last device adds a movement between left and right places of the stereo field. A nice thing to experiment is to disable that and add a Leslie speaker emulation for even more “Hammondish” sonic results.

One Sample Thirty Patches Vol.2

One Sample Thirty Patches Vol.2 is our second pack of this soundbank series for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2. For each of those libraries I use only one custom sample to create new sounds. In this my sample was an organic synth sound.

The presets include many different types from plucky strings to organic orchestral gestures and from calming organs to nostalgic classic synth sounds.
Those patches enclose a deep cinematic character and they could be used in many genres like rock, metal, progressive rock, avant-garde, experimental, ambient, electronica and other.

Scoring Synths Vol.2

Scoring Synths Vol.2 for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 contains 140 cinematic focused presets. The sounds are based mainly on Omnisphere’s 2 great Soundsources. The presets are inspired by film composers like Zimmer, Vangelis and Williams among others.

Those 140 patches are labeled as cinematic atmospheres category and their purpose is to be used in the background field mainly. The first 100 synth presets are equally focused on atmosphere and musicality while the last 40 ones are a bit more focused on atmosphere.

Hybrid Symphonic 2

Hybrid Symphonic 2 is an Omnisphere 2 bank consisting of 100 evolving and dynamic long synths. At the heart of the patches there are two categories of Soundsources, acoustic strings and mellotron sounds. Combining those two categories had some very interest results.

As our first release of Hybrid Symphonic series the point of the soundbank is the creation of hybrid sounds that have orchestral instruments on the one side and something else on the other side.

What happened here is the creation of some cinematic atmospheric sounds that fit as background sound rugs or in some situations because of the way the evolve through time as basic ingredients in transition moments. Some Dead Can Dance and Loreena McKennitt vibes are present in some patches, especially in the lower register of the keyboard.

Those Omnisphere 2 patches fit to cinematic music, new age, progressive rock, some electronic music styles and in game audio.


Prometheus is an epic cinematic soundbank for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 synth. It contains 96 cinematic synths of different categories. The sounds are influenced by the myth of Prometheus who gave fire to humanity.

There are 8 subgroups of presets here each one with 12 presets:

• God Of Fire – Synth Poly
• The Gift Of Fire – Synth Mono
• Deucalion – Pads and Strings
• Striving For Science – Keyboards
• Iapetus – Synth Long
• The Punishment – Synth Poly
• The Eagle – Synth Bass
• Freed By Hercules – Epic Pads

Each of those are myth facts and people around Prometheus.

The most sounds are pretty much compressed and distorted giving a “sonic hazardous” feeling. Additionally, they have a lot of mid frequencies to add more tension to the atmosphere. Especially the presets with the instant almost “abrupted” attack helps in this direction. Some other have a noisy layer included – especially Deucalion preset subgroup, which is influenced by the myth of Deucalion’s Flood.

The most important element of the soundbank in its entity is the heavy presence of middle frequencies which most of the times dominate the sound field. For most of the sounds you could make them softer and clearer if you don’t like the clicky attack and the heavy saturation by disabling the compressor or the distortion devices if there are any of them in the particular patch you work with.

That said, this is mainly for cinematic music but could find its way to other dark atmospheric music genres from rock to electronic music.


Argo is a 96 patches soundbank for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 synth vst. This soundset is a sonic journey through the myth of Argo with the famous Argonauts and their expedition to obtain the Golden Fleece.

There are 12 subgroups of patches each one with 8 of them influenced by some aspects and persons of Argo myth.

The subgroup presets list name is:

• Argo – Poly Synth Category
• Argonauts – Poly Synth Category
• Argus – Retro Land Category
• Colchis – Long Synth Category
• Dodona Oaks – Long Synth Category
• Golden Fleece – Poly Synth Category
• Heracles – Poly Synth Category
• Iolcus – Long Synth Category
• Jason – Poly Synth Category
• Medea – Poly Synth Category
• Orpheus – Long Synth Category
• Scylla and Charybdis – Retro Land Category

The main style they serve is cinematic and game audio and could also add some fresh cinematic elements to other music genres like prog rock, electronic and other.
They have 6 voice polyphony and made both with sample or synth DSP wavetables of Omnisphere 2. Please give a little attention for the sample-based presets as sometimes some minor and low in volume clicks may occur when the cycle of the performing sample(s) ends. The Modwheel adds vibrato to the sound.



  • 1077 Omnisphere 2 presets

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