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NNAudio Guitar Plugin Bundle


Grab 5 great-sounding guitar plugins by New Nation.

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5 in 1 Guitar Plugin Bundle

Blaque is a Sampled Electric Guitar Instrument. We ran our Electric Guitar through countless Amps & FX to create 30 different Electric Guitar Sampled Instruments! Containing 4 total Sampler Engines, you can blend 4 different Guitar Tones at a time. By blending these 4 Guitar Tones together, we bring you some Unique Electric Guitar Combinations!

Numb is a Sampled Acoustic Guitar Instrument. We recorded and sampled 14 different Acoustic Guitars + Fret Noises. Containing 4 total Sampler Engines, you can blend 4 different Guitar Tones at a time. By blending these 4 Guitar Tones together, we bring you some Unique Acoustic Guitar Combinations!

Mandolele is a Sampled Mandolin & Ukulele Instrument containing 1 Mandolin & 1 Ukulele. Each Instrument was recorded twice, once with a Guitar Pick & once with just a Finger. This gives us 4 totally different Tones

Albanju is a Sampled Banjo Instrument containing 2 different Middle Eastern Banjos. Each Banjo was recorded twice, once with a Guitar Pick & once with just a Finger. This gives us 4 totally different Tones. We then blend the 4 Banjo Tones together to bring you some Unique Banjo Combinations!

Tetrad Blended Guitars consist of 4 Rompler Engines. These 4 engines are used for your Samplers and contain 50 Multi Sampled Instruments. These samples include your Analog, Digital and Live Recorded sounds. Each engine has its own AHDSR, Filter and Properties to give you maximum control over each individual sample. You’re able to easily control & blend 4 individual samples giving you the ultimate tool too create your signature sound.


cool sound from such a small vst
Great instrument to have in the bag and give a touch of orientalism to your compositions. Exotic, reflective, profound.
love the sounds, catch myself playing air guitar
Overall good plugin, there are some really cool presets

Awesome plugin with some very nice guitar sounds, what’s great is you can stack up to layers to really fill the sound out and has some great ambiences too.

Good plugin! Sound nice!!

Clean sound. This is very useful when creating music with an ambient atmosphere.

i like banjo

Great sound, and doesn’t kill my CPU. Layers very well with Blaque.

Good plugin. Very clean sound

I really like the sound – It’s very useful and kind of natural .. I would give it 5 stars if there would be „global tuning“ .. (since I make my music in 432 Hz – sadly – this sweet plugin is useless for my needs)

Sound Nice !

Sounds great and works well with Blaque guitar. The interface is very easy to use and I’m having a lot of fun using it.

Really nice sounds. Very helpfull in your different creations, easy to use. Very interesting plug in.

This and another tetrad plugins is very cool stuffs!
Great value for the price, with great sounds and options in a refreshing user interface layout

Very versatile VST. Especially if you use it with a ‘cabinet’ (eg. Vandal).

Well done for a plugin in this price range

Don’t let the cute Ice Cream Social User interface fool you this thing is versatile. You can adjust it in many ways for varied uses cases. Cinematic ethnic zither and bouzouki sounds can be served up. Also quick pluck melody lines for Tropical House can be teased out to be bright and cheery. And with some processing you can do you own Ukulele cover of somewhere over the rainbow. It’s fun to come up with fresh ideas with this one. Nicely done.

Lovely sounding instrument with a surprising amount of flexibility in adjusting the sounds. 

I like the lush and harmonic sounds that this thing brings to the table, and its endless fun to tweak and get a little twang here and there or brightness or whatnot, control your level of mando or lele how you like…it’s versatile, and it has ice cream cones in the GUI, what’s not to like?

Great little plugin. If you want a Mandolin or Ukulele, this is it! With some extra sound design presets too.

Mandolin & Ukulele it’s ok plaguin for me

Perfekt for an Tarantella Napolitana Trap Beat 🙂

This plugin is outstanding. The sounds are incredible, and there are customization options that I would have never thought of. I’ve needed something like this for a long time! Thanks New Nation!

The medieval tune in the Trailer is very good! She has a voice to love! 🙂



5 Plugins

Windows – VST3 (Windows 10+)
Mac – VST3 & AU (Mojave 10.14+)
Compatible with All Daws (excluding ProTools)
Easy Install & Manual

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