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The Next-Gen Pitch Bend System

Fluid Pitch locks your pitch bend wheel to your chosen scale so you never land on a wrong note ever.

Only $29. 

Spend less time practicing and more time performing!

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Fluid Pitch is an innovative next-generation Pitch bend system for all musicians using any standard MIDI keyboard. Give your MIDI keyboard a Smarter Pitch bend Wheel + the Micro Tuning Edge + MPE capabilities.
Fluid Pitch introduces the World’s first Scale-Locked Pitch-Bend system powered by a MIDI to MPE upscale engine. Now musicians no longer have to think about which scale or where they are using the pitch bend wheel, Fluid Pitch always takes you to the right note! 
Play any style of music with unparalleled ease and boost your confidence on stage, without going through a new learning curve.
Now experience Fluid pitch bending, Polyphonic pitch bending, Access MPE synths, Micro-tune individual notes, and open new dimensions in Music productions. 



Scale Locked Pitch Bend System (SLPB)

Fluid Pitch introduces the world’s first scale locked pitch bend system which can lock your keyboard’s pitch bend to any scale you want, giving you access to fluid pitch bending.


Polyphonic Pitch Bending

Introduce chord bending into your music powered by MPE Upscale Technology and pitch bend whole chords!




With Fluid Pitch, you can now tune any note in the scale up to 100 cents up or down giving you access to a whole new world of microtonal scales, melodies and harmonies. Access a new world of micro-tuned scales in Indian ragas and Middle Eastern maqams.


Realtime Access to Different Pitch Bend Ranges


You can choose any range for your pitch bend wheel and change it in real-time while performing.


MPE Upscale Technology


Upgrade your standard MIDI keyboard into an MPE (MIDI Polyphonic
Expression) device and access MPE synths without MPE hardware.


System Requirements


• OS X 10.9 and above (64-bit only) (M1 Apple Silicon supported
with Logic Pro version 10.6.2)
• Windows 10 (Windows 7 might run but not officially supported) (64-
bit only)
DAW Compatibility:
• Cubase – VST3, VST
• FL Studio – VST
• Studio One – VST
• Ableton Live – VST (Monophonic mode only)
• Logic Pro X – AU (Mac only),
• Reaper – VST
• MainStage – AU (Mac only)
• Bitwig Studio – VST
• Gig Performer – VST, VST3
• Reason – Using Blue Cat’s PatchWork
• Maschine – Using Blue Cat’s PatchWork
• Digital Performer – Using Blue Cat’s PatchWork

Artists using Fluid PITCH

Music Tech Awards Winner 


  • Lock your keyboard’s pitch bend to any scale you want

  • Polyphonic Pitch Bending

  • Micro-tuning

  • Realtime Access to Different Pitch Bend Ranges

  • MPE Upscale Technology