Desert by Vicious Antelope

Compatible with Pigments 3 and Pigments 4

Compatible with Analog Lab V

Desert for Pigments 3 is the 10th and last pack of our Biome series for this incredible synth by Arturia.
It contains 80 atmospheric sounds including 70 evolving synths and pads as well as 10 experimental percussions.

It is a very emotional soundbank that could be divided in 4 categories. The 10 “Dry Scapes” presets are the percussion part of it. “Desert Sunrise” is a 20 patches part with medium attack speed so they could be played as Pads and Keys. The 22 “Dunes” are more like dark atmo classic synths and also can be played as Pads. Finally the 28 “Oasis” sounds are slow evolving pads with plenty of movement and sometimes airy character.

All macros are assigned to interesting things for creating a multidimensional variety of sounds. For most of patches MW is assigned to vibrato and AT to pitch modulation.
All presets designed with Pigments (x64) and run best with this or newer edition