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Biome Bundle for Arturia Pigments 3 contains all 10 Biome Soundbanks Tundra, Steppe, Savanna, Mediterranean, Arctic, Mountains, Ocean, Tropical, Grasslands and Desert.

It is a vast collection of 820 presets and an integrated suite for cinematic underscore, EDM, electronic music, game audio, rock and metal, new age and experimental music producers.


Software Requirements:
Arturia Pigments 3 or Arturia Pigments 4

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Sale Price : $9.99 

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Absolute no-brainer. For $9.99 you get 820 Pigments patches.


Soundbanks included in Biome Bundle



Tundra is a 100 presets soundbank for Pigments 3. It contains basses, pads, leads, keys and synths with a cold atmosphere from the depths of Tundras. Many experimental sounds here like most of our soundbanks that are fitting for many genres from electronic and cinematic to rock and experimental. Many modulation options are included to add new dimensions for a richer sound.


Steppe is a 80 presets soundbank for Pigments. It contains synths, keys, leads and pads that fit for cinematic music, electronic, experimental and prog rock. It is a nice journey through the grasslands of the vast steppes by the view of Vicious Antelope.


Savanna is the third soundbank of “Biome” series for Pigments 3. It contains 80 presets like huge pads, classic polysynths, epic leads and other with cinematic flavor, trying to capture the Savanna biome and transform it to sound. It fits for styles like cinematic, prog and post rock, electronic music and other. There are many modulation options and for all presets MW, AT and the 4 Macros are assigned to a variety of parameters to give new dimensions to your sound.


Mediterranean is our 4th sounbank of Biome series presets for Pigments 3. It contains 80 unique synths and leads for your productions.

A huge variety of soundcolors for cinematic and electronic music.

With this library you could explore the Mediterranean ecosystem in a sound dimension. Each preset is inspired by the flora and fauna and the characteristics of this climate zone.


Arctic is the 5th soundbank for Pigments presets series “Biome”. As all previous “Biome” soundbanks there are 80 experimental approached designed sounds like polysynths, keys, pads and leads.

Perfect for cinematic music and electronic genres.

Explore the sound dimension of the Earth’s poles with the extreme conditions, the cold as ice atmos and the unearthly soundscapes of those beautiful regions.


Mountains is the 6th Pigments soundbank in our Biome series. It contains 80 experimental synth presets inspired by the scapes, fauna and flora of the Mountains Biome.

Those Pigments presets could fit for genres like electronic music, progressive rock, post rock to cinematic and more experimental styles.

A sonic exploration of the heights of this world, the huge canyons and the cold lakes and rivers. It also contains 10 “Analog Mountain” presets for fat analog sounds.


Ocean continues the Biome series for Pigments. The 7th soundbank for this series is containing 80 new presets pads, synths, keys leads and basses including. Most of them were designed with the powerful wavetable engine of Arturia Pigments sometimes using only one engine sometimes stacked both engines with some fine-tuning difference to result to a fuller and more dimensional sound.

Ocean is a sound story of the depths of our planet’s seas, a journey through very special pelagic places and to some of the most known animal and plants that it hides. It is a perfect fit for cinematic and game audio music as well as for electronic and rock genres.


Tropical for Pigments 3 contains 80 presets mainly designed with the wavetable engine. It is a sonic journey through the tropic zones of Earth and each preset is inspired by the characteristics of this Biome. It mainly contains vintage leads, soft leads and plucky keys and it is suitable for electronic, cinematic, ambient and experimental music.

Some very interest section sets like the 20 “In the rainforest” (Vintage Leads) presets, the 20 “Equator” (Soft Leads) presets and the 14 “Palm” (Plucky Keys) presets are included in this pretty much classic and classy sounding library.


Grasslands for Pigments 3 is an 80 patches library part of Biome series. Within this soundbank we explore the massive grasslands of our planet, the fauna and flora and the special characteristics of this biome.

Mainly it contains modern plucky keys for electronic music productions and there is a part of 13 presets under the name Harmonic Valley that were designed with the powerful harmonic engine of Pigments. The sounds and especially the plucks rely a lot on the effect chain using very often some predelay on the reverb and also the infamous multiband compressor to give a modern touch.

Beside EDM, Trance, House and Techno this library could also be used for more cinematic and experimental styles. Some plucks shine being used as biting rhythmic bass lines in contrary with the harmonic engine’s patches which touch the brighter side of the frequency map.


Desert for Pigments 3 is the 10th and last pack of our Biome series for this incredible synth by Arturia.

It contains 80 atmospheric sounds including 70 evolving synths and pads as well as 10 experimental percussions.

It is a very emotional soundbank that could be divided in 4 categories. The 10 “Dry Scapes” presets are the percussion part of it. “Desert Sunrise” is a 20 patches part with medium attack speed so they could be played as Pads and Keys. The 22 “Dunes” are more like dark atmo classic synths and also can be played as Pads. Finally, the 28 “Oasis” sounds are slow evolving pads with plenty of movement and sometimes airy character.



  • 820 Pigments Presets

  • Software Requirements:

    Arturia Pigments 3 or

    Arturia Pigments 4

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