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Inspired by Travis Scott, 6LACK, Don Toliver, Jhene Aiko, SoFaygo, Summer Walker and more!

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280 Presets. Analog Lab V



FRACTAL is a collection of presets for Arturia’s Analog Lab V. With an emphasis on chill, wavy, atmospheric and ethereal sounds, this pack is sure to bring a new dimension to your projects and immerse your listeners in the sonic world you want to create. With keys, pads, basses and more, Fractal is perfect for many different genres, including R&B, Trap, Pop, Ambient and more! As usual, 6 demo samples are included in the kit, to demonstrate some of the presets and for you to use in your beats, alongside any wav oneshots created for the kit, to use in your own sound design.

Full Breakdown

  • 25 Keys
  • 21 Pads
  • 3 Basses
  • 1 Brass
  • 3 Bells
  • 3 Arps
  • 4 Soundscapes
  • 26 Wav Oneshots
  • 6 Demo Samples

METAMORPHOSIS is the hottest new collection of presets for Arturia Analog Lab. Filled with 60 presets, hand crafted from scratch, this kit is perfect for creating the next generation of sound. Containing all sorts of sounds including basses, keys, pads and much more, this sound bank was inspired by the sounds of contemporary hip hop and R&B, taking influence from artists such as 6LACK, SoFaygo, Don Toliver, Jhene Aiko, Summer Walker and more!

Many of the individual presets within the kit also utilize multisampling, to give slight variations with each note, adding a new level of authenticity to your melodies.

Also included within the kit are 99 wav one shots created for the presets, that you can use in any other sampler as you please, and a bonus 6 perc loops and melody samples!

Full Breakdown

  • 3 Basses
  • 1 Wind
  • 5 Bells
  • 23 Keys
  • 2 Leads
  • 1 Organ
  • 15 Pads
  • 7 Arps
  • 3 Guitars
  • 99 Wav Oneshots
  • 6 Perc Loops
  • 6 Melody Samples

“Mirrors” is our all new soundbank for Arturia’s Mellotron V. Packed with 56 presets, this is the perfect kit for ambient, contemporary R&B and hiphop.

Each sound was expertly crafted from scratch, using custom made samples, so you won’t be able to find sounds like this anywhere else!

Also included separately are all the wav one shots made to create the presets, so you can use them in other sampler plugins.

As always, all sounds heard in the demo are included in the kit.

The presets are provided in an Arturia Analog Lab Bank format (.labx) and Arturia Mellotron V Bank format (.mtlx)

Pack Contents:

  • 19 Pads
  • 16 Keys
  • 7 Atmos
  • 6 Bells
  • 3 Strings
  • 3 Basses
  • 2 Guitars
  • 57 Wav Oneshots
  • 6 Melody Samples

Total Number Of Files:

  • 66
  • 548.5 MB

UTOPIA is a collection of 62 presets for Arturia’s Mellotron V

Bringing modern sonics into Mellotron’s vintage sampler sound, this soundbank is perfect for creating the new wave of R&B and hip hop – though of course each preset extends into any number of contemporary genres.

With each sound being handcrafted from scratch, you won’t find sounds like this in any other mellotron bank, and all the oneshots created for the kit are included for you to use in other vsts for your own sound design, or simply as wav oneshots!

This kit is provided in Mellotron V bank format (.mltx) and Analog Lab V bank format (.labx) so whether you own Mellotron V on its own, or as part of Analog Lab, you’ll be able to use the sounds!

Pack Contents:

  • 2 Bass
  • 8 Bells
  • 3 Guitars
  • 19 Keys
  • 4 Mallets
  • 2 Organs
  • 17 Pads
  • 3 Strings
  • 4 Woodwinds
  • 62 Wav Oneshots
  • 6 Melody Samples

Total Number Of Files:

  • 74
  • 550.9 MB

PARAFFIN is the newest collection of presets for Arturia’s Analog Lab V, sure to be the fuel for your next fire!

With 60 handcrafted sounds, geared towards contemporary hip-hop and R&B genres, this soundbank will be sure to add a new dimension to your sound.

From smooth pads and keys, to gritty leads and basses, whether you’re making hyperpop or trapsoul, this is a must have for your collection!

Also included are the 6 melodies made with the kit, for you to sample/chop/screw in your projects, 35 wav oneshots, created for the kit, which you can use in your own sound design!

Please note these presets are provided as an Analog Lab V file (.labx) and thus, Arturia’s Analog Lab V is required to use them.

Pack Contents:

  • 19 Pads
  • 18 Keys
  • 4 Leads
  • 4 Basses
  • 4 Soundscapes
  • 3 Guitars
  • 3 Flutes
  • 3 Arps
  • 2 Bells
  • 35 Wav Oneshots
  • 6 Melody Samples

Total Number Of Files:

  • 46
  • 415.3 MB


Kenjii R.

Verified Buyer
A cool mixture of sounds to concoct a hit.
If you’re looking for stimulating keys and ambient pads, then Paraffin is a go-to bank for you. The bank has quality patches that instantly beef-up your projects or just a great starting point for your ultimate sound.

aaron c.

Verified Buyer

I like the pads most

Good pads
hajime y.
Verified Buyer
cold but beautiful.
stating cold but beautiful
beautiful ice cold mellow sounds.


  • 280 Presets Analog Lab V
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Software Requirements:
Analog Lab V