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3000 Chord Progressions.

If there was a magic pill that would turn you into an amazing music producer, would you take it?

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What are PRO Music Producers saying?

What Other Producers Think Of Soundmasters.

If there was a magic pill that would turn you into an amazing music producer, would you take it?

If there was a switch, that if turned would fill you brain with original, genre-tailored ideas, would you turn it on?

If there was a way to have a constant stream of inspiration at your fingertips, would you like to know what that way is?

This is it.

There are many MIDI packs out there, and I’ve tried them all.

I’m blunt, NONE of them is actually good if you wanna create professional music people actually wanna listen to.

No wonder, NONE of them is made by someone which music is actually listened by millions of people.

These MIDIs are created by Gold Producer Tom Trigger, which is a certified holder of not one Gold Records, but TWO Gold Records made in the last year only!

And you can hear that in these MIDIs.

These are the best musical starting point on the internet today, period.

And if these don’t change the way you make music in a profound way, just send us an email and we’ll refund all your money.

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What are the products?


Basically CHORDS that always sound good togheter. Create your own progressions.
Other charge for this, we don’t.


A taste of the best DRUMS we’ve ever made.

SuiteTranscription note to note of some of the best POP SONGS of the latest years.

What’s EXACTLY Inside The Bundle?

  • Improve Your Music Overnight

  • Instant Inspiration at any time

  • Go From 0 to Pro Sounding

  • Use Music Written By PRO Producers

  • Never Be Out Of Ideas

  • 3000+ Drag & Drop MIDI Files

  • 3 Bonuses

  • All Files Organized By Key

  • Compatible With Every DAW

  • Works With Mac & PC

  • One-Time Payment

  • 94% Off Discount

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