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10 best selling Function Loops vocal packs.

2,228 files total
Over 9.7GB of files
Vocals, Drums, Melodies, Basses, Instruments, SFX, etc.
Loops, One-Shots, MIDI, Stems
Construction Kits & Acapellas
100% royalty-free

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10 Packs for $19

An outstanding collection of Future Pop Acapellas and construction kits for producers seeking to produce hit sounds.

Five construction kits in total, loaded with highest quality Female Acapellas, Vocal Loops and Instruments, everything you hear in the demo is included! All content 100% Royalty-Free.

Over 1GB of content, including Drums, Percussion, Basslines, Melodies, Vocals and FX. Each Kit comes with Loops, One-Shots, Full Stems and MIDI files

5 construction kits (key and BPM labeled)
67 music loops (drums, bass, synths, plucks, leads, vox etc)
48 music stems
44 vocal loops (dry)
11 vocal stems (dry/wet)
30 one-shot samples​​
15 MIDI files
4 bonus presets (Spire, Sylenth)
219 files total
1.11GB unpacked
24-bit WAV quality
100% royalty free

Future Pop Vocals delivers over 400MB of Vocal Loops, chopped and designed for Pop, Rnb, Trap, Future Bass and other popular genres, rocking the charts right now.

We took some of our best vocalists, collected stunning vocals from them, chopped them and made all the work for you. Simply drop the vocal into your tracks to see the magic happens.

These chops will make your tracks more interesting and most important will add that popular element.

100 Chopped Vocal Loops (DRY)
100 Chopped Vocal Loops (WET)
15 BONUS Chopped Vocal Loops (DRY)
15 BONUS Chopped Vocal Loops (WET)
76 Instrumental Loops
100 Chopped Vocal Loops (DRY)
100 Chopped Vocal Loops (WET)
15 BONUS Chopped Vocal Loops (DRY)
15 BONUS Chopped Vocal Loops (WET)
76 Instrumental Loops

Major Pop & Future RnB delivers chart-topping collection, reflecting on the popular sounds you hear everywhere: on TV, radio, events or where ever you go.

This is the sound of the modern world and if you’re looking to break thru to the top level, this collection will definitely be handy.

The pack features over 1GB of content including Drums, Basslines, Melodies, Synths, Pianos, FX and most important – amazing female Vocal Acapelas. This time, we’ve included Dry, Wet and Raw versions of the Acapellas.

5 construction kits (key and BPM labeled)
54 stems
104 loops (drums, bass, synths, keys, pads, plucks, pianos, vocals etc)
22 one-shot samples​
12 MIDI files​
197 files total
1.1 GB unpacked
24-bit WAV quality
100% royalty free

Major Hip Hop & Vocal RnBis inspired by Drake, Ariana Grande and big names alike, it’s a complete solution for producers seeking to make hit records.

It has all the most current sounds and production tools, including drums, percussion, basslines, 808s, pads, guitars, keys, synths, sfx and gorgeous female acapellas, in dry and wet versions.

All 100% royalty-free, means you can use the sounds in your music, release on labels, sell to singers and make money off your music.

5 construction kits (key and BPM labeled):
KIT01_150BPM_key F#
KIT02_140BPM_key C#
KIT03_131BPM_key G#
KIT04_155BPM_key E
KIT05_149BPM_3/4_key F
97 loops:
5 kick loops
8 snare/snap/clap loops
8 hat/shaker/tambourine loops
1 percussion loop
6 bass loops
3 pad loops
2 guitar loops
2 keys loops
3 synth loops
5 sfx loops
4 vox loops
50 vocal loops
59 stems:
5 kick stems
6 bass stems
8 snare/snap/clap stems
8 hat/shaker/tambourine stems
3 pad stems
2 guitar stems
2 keys stems
3 synth stems
5 sfx stems
4 vox stems
12 vocal stems (6 dry/6 wet)
31 one-shot samples:
5 bass shots
2 synth shots
2 instrument shots
2 vox shots
20 drum&perc shots
14 MIDI files (synth, bass)

Major Rnb & Vocal Trap brings some of the most popular Rnb & Trap beats, injected with outstanding Vocal acapellas. The sounds are inspired by the biggest hits worldwide. This is pure commercial sound, that will help you get there.

The pack features over 1GB of top notch material, including Drums, Bass, Melodies, Synths, FX and Female Vocals. We have included Dry & Wet Vocal stems and also dry Vocal Loops, for maximum flexibility.

All content of this pack, including the Vocals is 100% royalty-free, use the sounds in your music, sign to labels and collect all income to yourself, no strings attached.

5 construction kits (key and BPM labeled)
83 loops:
5 kick loops
6 snare loops
4 hihat loops
4 drum loops
5 bass loops
2 piano loops
2 SFX loops
8 synth loops
6 vox loops
41 vocal loops
55 song-starter stems:
5 kick stems
6 snare stems
4 hihat stems
4 drum stems
5 bass stems
2 piano stems
2 SFX stems
8 synth stems
6 vox stems
13 vocal stems (dry/wet)
29 one-shot samples:
16 drum shots
5 bass shots
2 piano shots
6 synth shots
13 MIDI files

Pop & RnB Vocal Kits is a collection of commercial sounds: fusion of Pop, Future Rnb & Trap, inspired by artists nominated at Grammy Awards.

You are getting the most popular and innovative collection of sounds, guaranteed to inspire.

Five construction kits, loaded with Stems, Loops, Shots, MIDI and Presets.

5 construction kits (detailed BPMs and Keys):
Full mixdowns included
Lyrics file included
75 stems:
5 kick stems
5 bass stems
10 snare stems
3 clap stems
5 hihat stems
4 top stems
2 perc stems
1 cymbal stem
1 drum fill stem
3 SFX stems
4 keys stems
5 pad stems
2 synth stems
5 vox stems
6 vocoder stems (3 dry, 3 wet)
14 vocal stems (7 dry, 7 wet)
102 loops:
5 kick loops
5 bass loops
10 snare loops
3 clap loops
5 hihat loops
4 top loops
2 perc loops
1 cymbal loop
1 drum fill loop
3 SFX loops
4 keys loops
5 pad loops
2 synth loops
5 vox loops
43 vocal loops
4 vocoder loops
31 one-shot samples
10 MIDI files (synth, bass, keys)
7 VST presets:
2 Serum presets
4 Massive Presets
1 Spire preset

Universal Pop is a collection of Pop sounds, inspired by the most influential player in the industry – universal music and their fine roster of artists.

Packed with 5 brand new construction kits, plus a bonus, 2 extra kits, making this collection a huge, 7 kit pack. A whopping 1.7GB unzipped, over 290 files in total!

All kits loaded with stems, loops, shots, midi and gorgeous vocal acapellas.

7 construction kits (key and BPM labeled):
KIT01_134BPM_key B
KIT02_168BPM_key A
KIT03_107BPM_key C#
KIT04_122BPM_key C
KIT05_142BPM_key C#
146 loops:
5 kick loops
5 snare/snap loops
6 top/hat loops
5 bass loops
3 backbeat/perc loops
14 synth/instrument loops
73 vocal loops
12 beat loops
23 bonus loops
73 stems:
5 kick stems
5 snare/snap stems
6 top/hat stems
5 bass stems
3 backbeat/perc stems
14 vocal stems (7 dry, 7 wet)
14 synth/instrument stems
23 bonus stems
45 one-shot samples
19 MIDI files (synth, bass)
2 Serum presets

Lokka was featured as vocalist and co-writer on labels, such as Armada, Blackhole Recordings, Enhanced, Sony and many more. Charting in the Top Beatport, almost every genre. Followed by international gigs around the globe.

Function Loops invested so much effort in this collection, endless studio hours and team of 6 producers, been working hard to bring you this product. So you don’t need to spend a fortune on getting top vocal lines for your music.

Dry and Wet Vocal Loops, FX Vocal Chops and One Shots, over 230MB of pure vocal magic. All content is Key and BPM labelled, will fit for any genre.

5 vocal construction kits (key and BPM labeled):
I Go (86 BPM, key Bb)
Don’t Go Easy (110 BPM, key A)
Still Alive (110 BPM, key B)
Are U Ready (145 BPM, key F#maj)
Love U Anyway (150BPM, key Emaj)
77 vocal samples in total (stems)
dry and wet versions
24 vocal fx loops
50 vocal fx one-shots

Vocal Synthpop brings the most innovative Pop sound of today – Vocal Synthpop! Inspired by the latest work of The Weeknd and Dua Lipa, this new trend is hot as fire.

Drums, Basslines, Melodies, Instruments, Music Loops, Vocal Acapellas, FX Loops and all the sounds you hear in the demo, are here.

‘Vocal Synthpop’ includes 5 full Construction Kits, each comes with Loops, One-Shots and MIDI files

112 loops:
37 drum loops (full, fill, kick, snare/clap, tops)
27 instrumental loops (synths, vocal fx, plucks, pads, arps)
10 music loops
30 vocal loops
8 bass loops
41 one shots:
7 bass shots
20 drum shots (claps, hats, kicks, snares, toms)
8 synth shots
6 fx shots
16 MIDI files
​10 vocal acapellas

Male Pop Vocals is loaded with 500MB of Male Vocal Loops, Drums, Basslines, Instrumental Loops, Music Loops and all the rest you hear in the demo.

Vocals come as dry and wet versions, full acapellas and separated vocal loops, for maximum flexibility. Vocal content is original, recorded at top quality, 100% royalty-free. You will also find some cool vocal chops!

On top of loops, include are MIDI files for all instrumentals, so you can create your melodies in no-time. You are also getting a comprehensive collection of One Shot Samples, including Drum Shots and Instrument Shots.


10 acapellas (dry & wet versions)
120 loops:
10 bass loops
35 drum loops (full, kick, snare, hats, tops)
35 instrumental loops (synth, piano, fx, pads etc)
10 music loops
30 vocal loops (dry & wet versions)
40 one-shots:
6 basses
2 claps
5 fx shots
2 hats
3 keys
5 kicks
2 pianos
1 pluck
2 shakers
4 snaps
3 snares
2 synths
1 table
2 vocal chops
16 MIDI files

No-Brainer 9.7 GB of Content


2,228 files total
Over 9.7GB of files
178$ retail, 89% off!
Vocals, Drums, Melodies, Basses, Instruments, SFX, etc.
Loops, One-Shots, MIDI, Stems
Construction Kits & Acapellas
100% royalty-free