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15 in 1 LOFI – SUPREME COLLECTION 2023 By Function Loops.

  • 6.6 GB of Content.

  • 2910 Files.

  • ​Loops, One-Shots and MIDI files.


​Available for a limited time!

Compatible with all DAWs/Music Software:

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15 Packs for $22.95

​If you need some proper LoFi beats and sounds, this new pack is for you. Featuring 6 construction kits, loaded with everything needed.

Crunchy electric pianos, vibey keys, funky basslines and fine-ass beats – it’s all inside, perfectly produced and ready for action. The pack includes loops & MIDI files, but also a selection of fat one-shots for your MPCs and beatboxes.

  • 97 files in total
  • 6 construction kits (BPM & key labelled)
  • 24-bit WAV quality
  • 100% royalty free

Jazzy Chill & Lo-Fi Hip Hop delivers hip-hop beats, jazzy keys and pianos, chilled melodies & live sounds. Everything processed carefully, giving that retro / vintage vibe for the whole pack.

Loops & one shots – it’s all there for maximum inspiration and pleasant studio sessions. As usual, all content is 100% royalty free.

  • 153 files in total
  • 238 MB unpacked
  • 24-bit WAV quality
  • 100% royalty free

In this dope new pack, we bring you a crate of crackly vinyl beats and retro dusty treats!

5 construction kits and 50 sampler-ready one-shots for your groovy new projects.

All the sounds are fresh and original, you won’t find these anywhere else.

  • 170 files in total
  • 537 MB unpacked
  • 24-bit WAV quality
  • 100% royalty free

​’Lofi Stories’ delivers a fine collection of beats to study to. Packed with all the tools needed to produce this extremely popular genre. 

Including Drums, Basslines, Instrumental Loops, Music Loops and One Shots, ready to load into your favorite sampler to create new beats.

You are also getting MIDI files, for maximum flexibility to compose unique melodies in no time.

Featuring over 420 MB of chilled material, 100% royalty-free. Use our sounds in your music, sell to labels, collect all royalties to yourself. 

  • 148 files in total
  • 427 MB unpacked
  • 24-bit WAV quality
  • 100% royalty free

Not good at goodbyes? Our new collection of emotional and melodic lo-fi vibes will help you stay inspired while producing your next tracks!

Loaded with interesting stuff like violins, trumpets, guitars, keys, drums, basslines, atmospheres, synths, fx loops and one shot samples.

Violins, guitars and trumpets were recorded live. 

We added 30 one-shot samples, ready for your favorite drum machine to get some fresh beats going in no time!

Over 200 files to choose from, 400 MB in size.

  • 240 files in total
  • 433 MB unpacked
  • 24-bit WAV quality
  • 100% royalty free
A refreshing collection of lo-fi beats with emotional pianos, soulful saxophone and guitars!

Loaded with bunch of inspiration, including Hip Hop Drums, Fills, Basslines, Live Keys, Sax Loops, Guitars, Music Loops, FX and super useful One Shot Samples. Most of the stuff delivered as Dry & Wet versions, where applicable.

This new collection will be a pleasure to sample into all Hip Hop sub-genres, as well as Soul, Trap, RnB and many other type of beats, where live touch is needed.  100% royalty-free.
  • 297 files in total
  • 475 MB unpacked
  • 24-bit WAV quality
  • 100% royalty free

​Beautifully crafted collection of soothing lo-fi vibes with tight hip hop beats. 

266 sounds in this big sample pack, including some of the best quality drums, basslines, synths, keys, fx and most importantly, live recorded saxophone loops and guitars. Live instruments presented in dry and wet versions, for maximum flexibility.

In addition to WAV loops, you will find MIDI files of the melodies and a collection of one shot samples. All content is original and 100% royalty-free.

  • 266 files (548 MB unpacked)
  • BONUS: 249 files (487 MB unpacked)
  • Total: 515 files (1 GB)
  • 24-bit WAV quality
  • 100% royalty free

“Lazy Lofi & Chill Trap” brings unique collection for producers seeking to inject interesting lofi and chilled sounds into their productions. 

Packed with Drums & Percussion, Bass Loops, Instruments and melodies, Music Loops, Vocal Chops and One Shot Samples. 

To make this collection innovative, we recorded some Foley sounds in our studio and at home to capture all kind of live sounds and transform them into percussion, you won’t hear anywhere else!

  • 128 files  (223 MB unpacked)
  • BONUS: 211 files (597 MB unpacked)
  • Total: 339 files (820 MB)
  • 24-bit WAV quality
  • 100% royalty free

‘Night Stream: Lo-Fi Hip Hop’ from Function Loops is a comprehensive collection of lo-fi and chilled sounds, made for that ‘midnight coffee’ vibes!

‘Music to study/relax to’ is taking over Youtube and streams worldwide, which proves this genre is what you wanna do.

Our new sample pack delivers all the goods: Atmospheres, Bass Loops, Drums and Cymbals, Guitar Loops, Melodic Loops, SFX and One Shots.

We also included Bass and Melodies as MIDI files, so you can work out your magic in no-time. All our content is 100% royalty free, as usual.

  • 268 files (385 MB unpacked)
  • BONUS: 153 files (238 MB unpacked)
  • Total: 421 files (623 MB)
  • 24-bit WAV quality
  • 100% royalty free
It’s different and unique, this collection is true piece of art. Don’t believe us? Hit the play button and hear the demo! 

We are proud to present our latest release, Circles: Innovative Lofi: hip hop beats, trap 808s, live guitars, twisted pianos, soulful keys, synths, arps, chords, vocal chops and other innovative lofi sounds, all packed inside. Included are Stems, One-Shots and MIDI files.

The melodies were composed while thinking out of the box, trying to deliver different touch to the lofi world. All content is 100% royalty-free.
  • 149 files in total
  • 891 MB unpacked
  • 24-bit WAV quality
  • 100% royalty free

‘Dusty Lofi Soul’ sample pack brings you the perfectly imperfect sounds everyone craves in a sample pack, coupled with the warm ‘vintage’ vibes to keep your music hot on a cold production evening. 

The live acoustic drums and percussion were all tracked in studio using Lewitt Tube and FET as well as Shure and RODE microphones via Midas and Focusrite preamps to capture all the nuances of the performance. 

The live played electric guitar and electric bass parts make this pack especially unique. We used a cool old 4 string CORT electric bass with a good set of roundwound strings, to add to the bass tone! 

  • 123 files in total
  • 364 MB unpacked
  • 24-bit WAV quality
  • 100% royalty free

Over 600MB of versatile content in this new and amazing collection of lo-fi sounds. Live guitars, Foley sounds, drums, basslines, melodies & instruments, pianos, FX vinyl and tape sounds, unique atmospheres and everything else you can imagine!

‘Lofi Hiphop & Future Soul’ delivers a comprehensive collection for Lo-fi producers, including: Loops, One Shots and a super useful collection of 50 Serum Presets, to help you design interesting and new sound in no-time.

  • 301 files in total
  • 650 MB unpacked
  • 24-bit WAV quality
  • 100% royalty free

‘Neo Soul’ from Function Loops is packed with 487 MB of rare sounds, inspired by old school records, soulful RnB rhythms, Hip Hop drums, live guitars, trumpets, keys and so much more.

This truly unique collection will help you find the missing sounds for your next productions, guaranteed. All content 100% royalty-free.

In detail, you will find 249 files inside: Bass Loops, Drum Loops, Dry & Wet Guitar Loops, Keys, Music Loops, Trumpet Loops in both Dry & Wet versions, Fx Loops and wide range of One Shot Drum Samples.

In addition, we also included bonus MIDI files for the melodic parts (where applicable), so you can easily create new melodies using your favorite instruments.

  • 249 files in total
  • 487 MB unpacked
  • 24-bit WAV quality
  • 100% royalty free

We are proud to introduce ‘Soulwave’ – a forward-thinking pack, loaded with intelligent sounds for producers seeking to produce soulful and elegant music.

It has 380MB of Drums, Basslines, Arps, Pads, Keys, Vocal Chops, Effects, Synths, Plucks, Music Loops and all the other stuff you can hear in the demo. All the sounds are included, 100% royalty-free.

Took us some time to craft this collection, every sound was processed with care, as always. You are getting a premium sample pack, that will inspire you in the studio, guaranteed.

  • 156 files (387 MB unpacked)
  • BONUS: 248 files (733 MB unpacked)
  • Total: 404 files (1.12 GB)
  • 24-bit WAV quality
  • 100% royalty free

Oxygen Samples (brought to you by Function Loops) presents Lofi Soul & Hip Hop, a crazy blend of sounds that will define your style and will add uniqueness to your music.

Lofi Soul & Hip Hop brings 4 construction kits labelled with key and BPM information. Inside you will find all the needed elements to create full tracks: drum loops & shots, bass loops, synth lines, guitar loops, etc.

These sounds are suitable for a wide range of styles including Lofi Hip Hop, Chillout, Future Soul, Trap and genres alike. They were designed by our talented in-house producer with years of experience.

Everything is provided in high quality and provided 100% royalty-free.

  • 116 files in total
  • 332 MB unzipped
  • 24-bit WAV quality
  • 100% royalty-free



2910 sounds in this amazing Lofi collection, everything you need to get out of the box!

This Lofi bundle is loaded with 15 complete Function Loops sample packs and comes with all the needed tools to create full Lofi tracks.

You will receive a bunch of drums, basslines, melodies, synths, FX, MIDI files, etc, to have full control of production.

No-Brainer 6.6 GB of Content


  • 15 full sample packs
  • ​1,916 files in total
  • 6.6GB+ unpacked
  • ​Loops, One-Shots and MIDI files
  • All files ​key & BPM labelled
  • ​24-bit WAV / MIDI
  • ​100% royalty-free / use in commercial projects